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Charity Work Thursday, 11 June 2009 06:09 We are also very envolved in charity producing tracks for blind cat more in the charity tab.

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Our Productions Thursday, 11 June 2009 06:11 Check out our latest productions and news about them like charting and so. Check them out in the news release tab
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Vocal Coaching Thursday, 11 June 2009 06:12 If you are looking for vocal coaching, our inhouse singer Karin Nagi might be able to help you with that. Contact Karin Nagi.

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Working with us Thursday, 11 June 2009 06:09 If you have any good ideas; vocal lines or music production......maybe we can work together. contact us.   Read the Full Story
Tuesday, March 20, 2018




Karin Nagi was born in the south of Rotterdam. Her father comes from Yemen en her mother is from Holland.
She travelled around the world, and lived in Greece and Switzerland. Her passions have always been, and still are music, children, animals, the environment, equality peace and justice.

As a young little lady of 11 years old she was very active in music and charity. She collected money for (handicapped) children and signatures for baby-seals and looked after dogs, horses and any living creature in need of help. She organised schoolparties and was always the founder and leader of the schoolband and schoolnewspaper and charity-events. After finishing school she started taking lessons in classic and modern vocals on a musicschool in Utrecht during 8 years.

In 1982 she founded the 1st Dutch artistschool where many artist started a succesfull carreer in the musicindustry. She wrote, produced and sang many songs into the international charts, and as a member of well-known famous acts. Performed in many clubs throughout Europe and the world.

In 2000 she went to school again and got certificates in alternative healing like reiki, shi-atsu, food-therapy, massage, breathing-techniques, meditation and is a registered therapist. A new carreer was born and she still practices as a hobby, and of course to help people with problems.Currently she studies psychology and family-therapy.

After a huge car-accident in 2005 and a long revalidation for more than a year, she started another school for artists in 2007, and decided to become active on front again in music. Recorded and scored a worldwide clubhit with 'History 2010' and after that you can find her music regularly in the international charts.

In 2011 she went to the Philippines to visit childrensvillages and projects. Handed out food, presents and schoolsupplies, and met a brave little lady with a huge tumor on her face. After searching and a fight of almost 2 years she got help from Interplast, an organisation that sends out teams of doctors all over the world to help the poor and sick people. They will examine her and see if there is a possibility to operate end of october 2013!

In 2012 she started her own recordcompany ´Star Xpress´. Looking for young talented writers, producers, remixers, singers etc..! She is still very active in charity worldwide, and is connected with organisations in Holland, Africa, India, Philippines and more to come and welcome!

In 2012 she joined SPMUDA as Dutch ambassadress for peace, and works with organisations such as Voices United 4 Peace.

Many projects are on the way, and she helps where-ever she can, writes produces and sings songs for the children like 'Share' and 'I'll be there 4 U'.A cover from ´Testify to love´ will be presented as a gift for peace to the UN. Both songs are donated to the CrindleStar album, all revenues go to several organisations such as ´Stop the Bleeding´, ´Planting Peace´ and ´SPMUDA´!

Also on the way a follow-up for the Blind Cat Rescue in N.C. and together with Carole Hahn she donated a song to the Animal Rescue in New York, after a hurricane destroyed their building.

She arranged auctions for shelters in Holland, performed with her group on a concert for Syria in Amsterdam RAI in 2011, and together with people that have the same passion, she does whatever she can to try  to make an ocean from many drops of whatever help and support they can get. A lifelong passion and dedication : Music, Children, Animals and Peace!


News / Releases

October 12th 2013
Our latest track is a collaboration between Karin Nagi, Dennis Kay and StarXpressproductions.
Karin Nagi VS Dennis Kay - Windows 2 Ur Soul

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